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"It’s rare that every song on an album is single material, but Belle Roscoe have come pretty damn close.”
Daniel Cribb, The Music

“Brother-Sister duo, Matty and Jules radiate a unique and mesmerising chemistry, clearly the product of a lifetimes worth of shared experiences. Both siblings’ possess extraordinary vocals and sure know how to work a crowd. Multi-talented musicians, with a wealth of great material they’re one of the most captivating acts I’ve seen in recent years.” – Tours & Times


“Sein betont perkussives Gitarrenspiel definiert den Groove seiner Musik, die heute nach Soul, Pop und Roots-Reggae klingt”

" ist Haveas starke Soul-Stimme, die seinen Sound prägt. Warm, tragend, gefühlvoll und doch kräftig mit markantem Klangfarbe




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