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"It’s rare that every song on an album is single material, but Belle Roscoe have come pretty damn close.”
Daniel Cribb, The Music

“Brother-Sister duo, Matty and Jules radiate a unique and mesmerising chemistry, clearly the product of a lifetimes worth of shared experiences. Both siblings’ possess extraordinary vocals and sure know how to work a crowd. Multi-talented musicians, with a wealth of great material they’re one of the most captivating acts I’ve seen in recent years.” – Tours & Times

"The album wastes no time in introducing listeners to their fresh new sounds... Belle Roscoe is clearly influenced by a range of musical genres for this album. The upbeat, soul-and-grunge vibe makes for easy listening, and has left me wanting more from this interesting band.
– Matilda Mornane, AU Review

“Like Fleetwood Mac without the infighting, or Midlake without the indie hype, this Melbourne band know the value of a well-placed harmony and a cantering tune. A bit folky, a bit country, a bit slick pop, this is easy listening without being queasy listening.
– Barry Divola, WHO Magazine

"Last night’s performance at The Troubadour, the siblings don’t hold back as a musical Batman and Catwoman duo; their vocal harmonies are outstandingly on point. Their performance had a twang of Springsteen and Fleetwood Mac and the atmosphere within the venue was fantastic. Belle Roscoe’s singing style hits you deep inside with their smooth yet emotional vocal melodies. The concert was a pleasure to experience and would be more than delighted to hear them play again!
– My Dad Rocks


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