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Abi Wallenstein & BluesCulture |

Abi Wallenstein & BluesCulture

BluesCulture present a unique stylistic fusion which integrates deep delta blues with funk and hip-hop beats and rough-cut rock with heart-rending ballads. ...

Belle Roscoe |

Belle Roscoe

The new wave indie pop band fronted by brother-sister duo Matt and Julia Gurry radiate a unique and mesmerising chemistry. Both siblings possess extraordinary vocals and a wealth of great material. ...

Jaimi Faulkner |

Jaimi Faulkner

Mix great songwriter skills, incredible guitar play, a warm soulful voice and an irresistible live performance and you'll get Jaimi Faulkner, an Australian multi-talent who won't stay unnoticed for long. ...

Patricia Vonne |

Patricia Vonne

Vonne's lyrically and stylistically multilingual sound combines a host of genres and musical flavors and is best described as Americana with south-of-the border-flavoured Texas Roots Rock. ...

Steve Baker |

Steve Baker

His catchy original compositions reflect the diverse musical influences which he has absorbed over the years and demonstrate a stylistic bandwidth which ranges from singer/songwriter to country, gospel, blues, funk and rock. ...


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