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Press Quotes

Abi Wallenstein & BluesCulture

"Spellbound by their rockin' roots and rhythm: people dancing, pushing the chairs aside, singing and clapping their hands. After the long-delayed end of the concert, excited, wide-eyed people unable to stammer more than“amazing!” or “sensational” as they leave with their eyes shining and blissfull smiles on their faces

"As the evening progresses, the musicians become creative magicians bubbling with the sheer joy of playing. A shared motif, a wordless agreement serves as the basis to invent ever changing tonal pictures in reciprocal improvisation. The audience is already part of the music. BluesCulture play with rather than for their listeners. The heartfelt applause is much more than mere praise, it's the energy which the players on stage transform into music".

"This is all about unpretentious, honest music, which comes together perfectly even in the most improvised moments with a precision which keeps driving the audience to new heights of rapture".

"Together they pursue the goal of enriching traditional roots music with high energy rhythms while managing to avoid the usual clichés. Wallenstein,Baker and Röttger celebrate the blues in a manner in which awareness of tradition doesn't become boring and yet possesses remarkable authenticity".

"At the end of the encores the entire audience is on it's feet. Everybody is dancing and cheering. In itself this is no guarantee of quality, but in this case of BluesCulture there is no doubt. Artistic development does get rewarded".

"From rough-cut rock numbers they return to traditional blues before changing course completely to present
beautiful renditions of heartfelt ballads. BluesCulture display an impressive degree of musical diversity... a band
of fascinating universality and grandiose stylistic diversity".

"After only a few minutes the square was filled with people, drawn by a world class band who literally electrified their listeners with totally convincing bluesbased music ranging from rocking boogie to melancholy ballads. Even after several numbers it was hard to believe that such a full, gripping sound was being produced by >only< these three master musicians. The audience loved every moment".

"Abi Wallenstein, Steve Baker and Martin Röttger delivered a memorable performance which will go down in the history of the Aachener open air concerts. Their unique combination of energy, virtuosity and conviction make this musical >trio infernale< one of the most exciting acts appearing in Europe today".


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